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Here we have Alden who was brought in by her family for help correcting her misaligned teeth and overbite, which are common problems for children her age. They made the trip to Frost Orthodontics in Creve Coeur because they were confident that Dr. Frost and his team could straighten her teeth at a young age so she can live life with a smile she can be proud of!

Overbites like Alden’s are especially important to get corrected since they can lead to even more serious health and dental issues as one gets older. Problems like speech impediments, breathing issues, chewing deficiencies, sleep apnea, overall jaw pain, and alterations in the appearance of the face are complications that can likely develop when overbites are left untouched.

Here was Alden before starting braces treatment…

Case Study: Alden (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics in St. Louis

And here is Alden after the treatment…

Case Study: Alden (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics in St. Louis

A year and a half made such a huge difference in the appearance of Alden’s smile. Just like many other patients that Dr. Frost and his team have helped, Alden’s treatment has greatly lowered her risk for future issues. Frost Orthodontics can make a difference for your child’s smile too!

If your child has an overbite, underbite, misalignment, or other dental issue, we recommend getting it corrected as soon as possible to protect their overall health. We provide high-quality results for patients all throughout the St. Louis area.

Contact our office to schedule a free orthopedic consultation where we will examine your child’s teeth and determine the correct, specialized treatment for them, as well as provide a time and cost estimate.


Here we have Alicia, a woman who has always wanted to correct the spaces in her teeth. At 39 years old, she finally decided that there is no age limit on getting the smile she’s always wanted. She chose Frost Orthodontics to help her achieve this dream smile due to our proud reputation of high quality and long lasting results!

It is a common misconception that adults cannot or should not get braces. Conventional braces, like the ones used on Alicia’s teeth, are just as effective on adults’ teeth as younger teeth. Just look at the results of Alicia’s procedure.

Here she is before starting treatment…

Case Study: Alicia (Adult Braces) | Frost Orthodontics in St. Louis

And here is Alicia after the treatment…

Case Study: Alicia (Adult Braces) | Frost Orthodontics in St. Louis

After only 16 months, her spaces were filled and she now has a dazzling smile to show off! Many adults could never imagine that this complete transformation could be done so quickly and affordably!

Are you one of them? If you are an adult thinking about braces but don’t know if it’s right for you, contact the team at Frost Orthodontics! Braces are not just for teenagers – you will find that your schedule and budget for braces are more flexible as an adult, making your treatment easy.

When you set up an appointment with Dr. Frost, he can help you establish orthodontic goals and set you up with a personalized treatment plan to achieve those goals. Dr. Frost will be there with you every step of the way.

We have extensive experience with people of all ages and can utilize the most effective treatment knowledge available in St. Louis. Contact us for a free consultation to determine a cost and time estimate for the treatment! You have nothing to lose except another year without the smile you’ve only dreamed of.


A teenager suffering from off-center teeth and an underbite was brought to our state-of-the-art treatment center to correct these issues. As this is a common problem we see amongst teens in the St. Louis area, we knew that braces were the right orthodontic treatment.

After all, it’s a good idea to have your child’s braces put on during young adulthood due to aesthetic and social reasons and because adjusting the teeth is easier when the bones are not yet fully developed.

With the support of his parents, Auggie began treatment with Frost Orthodontics. They were confident that Dr. Frost and his team could effectively straighten his teeth while correcting the underbite.

Here was Auggie before starting the first phase of the treatment process…

Case Study: Auggie (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics - Braces in St. Louis

And here is Auggie after his braces were removed…

Case Study: Auggie (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics - Braces in St. Louis

He received outstanding results after only a year and a half, and his parents couldn’t be happier! With the underbite gone, you can see all of his beautifully straightened teeth!

Fixing dental problems is more than just ensuring your child retains their self-esteem, it can also help protect against a host of chronic health problems. For example, underbites can cause speech issues, jaw pain, headaches, and tooth decay.

Does your child have an underbite, overbite, or misaligned teeth that could lead to more than just aesthetic problems? Call our office today to schedule a free consultation! During your personalized review, we can determine if he or she is a candidate for orthodontic treatment. We will also be available to answer any of your questions before providing the cost and time estimate for your child’s specific case.

At Frost Orthodontics, we are dedicated to providing our patients with beautiful smiles and the best dental protection available. Contact our office now in St. Louis!


Recently, Dr. Frost was featured on the 18 Strong Podcast. As the 11-time Club Champion at St.Louis’ prestigious Bellerive Country Club, soon to host the 100th PGA Championship in just a couple weeks, Dr. Frost walks listeners through some very practical advice when it comes to playing your best golf. Below are some highlights from the episode.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Dr. Frost starts it off by talking about what it takes to top-level amateur golfer while juggling the responsibilities that come with running your business and raising a family. He hits on everything from his junior career, falling in and out of playing and competing, to accomplishments along the way.
  • He talks on what the majority of golfers that want to win their first club championship don’t see or realize they have to get into that position.
  • Dr. Frost discusses familiarizing yourself with the course, being ready for the mental challenge, and getting comfortable on the green.
  • There’s discussion on books and sources that give Dr. Frost the biggest inspiration and mental boost; such as the difference between “Ego” golfers and “Master” golfers and playing to play great rather than playing to not play bad.
  • Additionally, there is talk about the 100th PGA championship coming to Bellerive in a couple of weeks, the history of the club and why the PGA picked this course.
  • Dr. Frost hits on the characteristics of the course and what we are going to see, and should look out for, when the players start out there.

Listen to the entire episode below & read more here!




Young man wishing to correct the spacing of his teeth consulted with Frost Orthodontics to discuss available treatment options. Being an adult, Adam preferred an effective but discreet way to improve his smile. Dr. Frost and his team recommended using Invisalign!

To start off, Dr. Frost used the iTero scanner to make Adam’s Invisalign impressions faster, more accurate, and more comfortable. After completing the scanning process, we processed the images to give Adam a better understanding of how Invisalign would correct the gaps in his teeth.

Here was Adam before the Invisalign treatment:

Case Study: Adult Invisalign St. Louis | Frost Orthodontics

…and here is Adam’s smile following the treatment:

Case Study: Adult Invisalign St. Louis | Frost Orthodontics

Just look at the results after only 10 months! Adam is pleased with his new smile, all thanks to Dr. Frost and his team.

Are you an individual who has lived their entire life hiding your smile? Many adults are reluctant to seek help in correcting dental problems because they don’t want metal braces that would make them feel like a teenager all over again. However, we’re here to tell you that there are other options! For many adults in St. Louis, Invisalign is the clear choice— literally! With Invisalign’s clear design, hardly anyone will ever know you’re wearing them, all while straightening your teeth for a smile you’ve only dreamed of!

Now is the time to schedule a consultation with Frost Orthodontics. We can help you establish orthodontic goals, set up a unique treatment plan to reach those goals, and motivate you to stick to your treatment plan. We work with individuals of all ages, which allows us to utilize the most comprehensive treatment experience and knowledge available anywhere.

Following a personalized review, Dr. Frost can determine if you are qualified for Invisalign and provide you with a cost and time estimate for the treatment.

There is no age limit on getting the smile you’ve always wanted! Contact us now to learn more!


Parents sought help from Dr. Frost to correct their young daughter’s top and bottom teeth.

When Sarah arrived at Frost Orthodontics, she was suffering from severe dental crowding of the upper teeth. As this is a very common problem in children her age, we knew that braces were the right orthodontic treatment. We were prepared to provide high quality results as we have done so many times before for children and young adults all across St. Louis!

Two of her upper teeth were removed in order to establish a normal bite and to better align the teeth. Braces were then applied and well-maintained over the course of her treatment, which lasted little more than a year and a half.

Here was Sarah before starting treatment:

Case Study: Sarah (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics - Braces in St. Louis

… and here she is after the braces were removed!

Case Study: Sarah (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics - Braces in St. Louis

What a result! Sarah is very happy with her newly transformed smile, and all thanks to her parents seeking help from Dr. Frost early on.

Early intervention is important when making the decision to fix your child’s teeth. A straight smile not only looks nice, which can help boost your child’s self esteem, it also makes it easier to take care of them.

There’s a reason why braces have always been associated with early teen years (sometimes even younger and younger). This is because children and young adults are in the optimal braces stage due to the fact that they are still growing. Your child should be brought in around this age because their jawbones are softer and more malleable, often requiring less time to straighten teeth than older individuals.

Correct your child’s smile now so they won’t have to worry about issues down the line, such as worsening dental crowding, gum disease, early loss of teeth, and more. Now is the time to contact our office and schedule a free orthodontic consultation with Dr. Frost and his team. After examining your child’s unique situation, we will be able to determine whether the child is a good candidate for orthodontic treatment, as well as provide a time and cost estimate.

Contact us now!


Parents who were concerned with their daughter’s deep overbite and misaligned teeth took the 12 year old girl to Frost Orthodontics in Creve Coeur. They were confident that Dr. Frost and his staff could effectively straighten Lee Anna’s teeth while correcting other aesthetic problems.

After examination and cultivating the appropriate records, braces were the agreed upon method. With the support of her parents, Lee Anna began treatment on the upper teeth to help take care of the deep overbite. Then, after about three months, the lower braces were placed.

Once both the upper and lower teeth were aligned, Lee Anna wore rubber bands to help reduce her overbite. Over the course of 24 months of orthodontic treatment, her teeth were becoming straighter and straighter!

Here was Lee Anna’s teeth before starting treatment:

Case Study: Lee Anna (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics - Braces St. Louis

…and here is Lee Anna’s smile following the treatment:

Case Study: Lee Anna (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics - Braces St. Louis

Lee Anna received excellent results! She is a happy young lady with a completely transformed, dazzling smile, thanks to Dr. Frost and his team!

Does your child have an overbite, underbite, or misaligned teeth? Consider braces for the correction of common dental problems. It is up to you to help get your child started on the path to straight teeth that they can be proud of—that way, they will never have to hide that wonderful smile you love!

Call our office to schedule a free consultation where we can determine if your child is a candidate for orthodontic treatment. After a personalized review and answering any questions either you or the child has, we will provide the cost and time estimate that it will take to correct the child’s teeth.

Our team is proud to provide thorough, personalized care in a friendly environment. We welcome people and families of all ages to get the smile they’ve always wanted! Contact us now to learn more!



For all types of sports, athletes depend on mouthguards to protect their teeth. Whether you’re playing basketball or a high contact sport like football, a mouthguard is a good investment. However, many athletes choose standard mouthguards they can boil and bite to fit to their mouth, and while they work well if you’re on a budget, they don’t offer the same benefits as a custom mouthguard.

Here are some reasons a custom fit mouthguard provides you an advantage as an athlete and an individual looking to protect their teeth.

More Comfort

The problem with a mouthguard you form fit at home is that it might fit better than a standard guard you simply take off the shelf and wear, but it still may not fit as well as custom fit mouthguards that a dental professional can fit for you in an office.

Moreover, the process involved in creating a boil and bite mouthguard uses thermoplastic materials that may thin out, compromising the protection the mouthguard is designed to provide as you fit it to your teeth. A custom fit mouthguard doesn’t have the same problems.

Better Oxygen Flow

Maximizing your breathing is important to every athlete regardless if your sport requires endurance fitness like soccer or short bursts of energy like football. Wearing a mouthguard custom fit to your tooth structure will help you breathe better than a standard mouthguard or a boil and bite guard because it’s designed to protect your teeth, not constrict your activity.

Customized for the Sport

While many mouthguards protect the top teeth only, a custom fit mouthguard a dentist fits to your bite can also provide a guard for your lower teeth. Depending on the sport, it might be necessary to protect the lower and upper teeth. Additionally, if you have braces or other dental appliance on your lower teeth, a mouthguard on your lower jaw might be necessary.

A dental professional such as an orthodontist or dentist will be able to talk to you about the options and determine what’s best for your sport.

Can Work with Braces

Unlike boil and bite mouthguards, a custom fit mouthguard an orthodontist can fit to your individual mouth can be fitted for athletes with braces.

More Durable

Thermoplastic materials are great if you want a quick mouthguard that fits your teeth to a point, but because of the heating process the materials go through, the materials are not as strong or durable. A custom fit mouthguard made by a dental professional uses the highest quality materials that are strong and long-lasting, providing the best protection today’s technology can provide.

Athletes on the go who make an investment in a custom fitted mouthguard know the value of what they’re getting. Protect your teeth and worry less about – contact Dr. Frost today at (314) 567-1888 for your consultation.


Adult male wishing to correct a slight gap in his front teeth consulted with Dr. Frost of Frost Orthodontics to discuss what treatment options were available. After his review, Dr. Frost opted to recommend to Tim an express treatment with Invisalign which lasts just as long as a full Invisalign treatment but targets a smaller dental issue.

Here was Tim before the express Invisalign treatment:



…and here is Tim’s smile following the treatment:


In less than one year, Dr. Frost and his experienced team provided an express Invisalign treatment personalized for Tim’s needs and corrected the problem in a short amount of time. Rather than providing a standard Invisalign treatment, Dr. Frost is prepared to use the latest technology to provide patients with exactly what they need – no more and no less.

Are you an adult with a minor dental correction and think Invisalign might be a good option for you? If so, contact Frost Orthodontics today to schedule a consultation. Dr. Frost and his team will take a look at the dental problems of most concern to you and recommend a treatment option that is not only personalized, but provides you with the peace of mind you need to decide if an express Invisalign treatment is right for you.


Adult female sought help from Dr. Frost and the team at Frost Orthodontics to correct crowding and alignment of her teeth with Invisalign. After her consultation, Brittany was reassured Dr. Frost would be able to provide high quality Invisalign to correct her problem.

In order to make a dental impression quickly that is not only a good fit but is more comfortable and accurate than traditional braces, Dr. Frost used the iTero scanner to give Brittany a better understanding of how Invisalign would fix her teeth.

Here was Brittany before starting Invisalign treatment:


…and after completing the treatment:


Brittany is happy with her results and is satisfied with the changes in her smile thanks to Dr. Frost and his team.

If you have been considering Invisalign, now is the time to contact Frost Orthodontics to schedule your consultation. Following a personalized review and answering any questions you may have regarding Invisalign, Dr. Frost will determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign and provide a cost estimate. You have nothing to lose when you schedule your Invisalign consultation, but a lot to gain from a brief consult on your smile!

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