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Very common, people come in who have had orthodontics before, and they noticed a little shifting
of their teeth.
And most people are surprised that their problem can be corrected relatively easily in a very
short amount of time using something that they can take in and out of their mouth or
with a few braces just for a very short amount of time.
Most people are expecting it’s gonna take much longer than it actually does for a touch-up,
and the treatment really depends on what the patient wants.
So the first question the doctor should always ask is, “What are you here for?
What would you like me to do for you?”
And if they’re looking for full treatment, they can certainly say that, but if they’re
looking to have something touched up, or if they’ve had some minor movement, they should
say that, too.
And the doctor really needs to try and get the treatment to what the patient not only
needs but what they want.
Now, the most common problem is the lower teeth getting crooked over time.
That seems to be the hardest thing for orthodontist to maintain, no matter who the orthodontist
And so a lot of people will come in, and they’ll need a touch-up on their bottom teeth, and
a lot of people will think that that means they have to have it on their upper teeth
as well but usually they don’t.
A little tiny spaces in the upper teeth is also a very common thing.
And so we make lots of little removable retainers that will correct that very easily, and the
nice thing is you’ll have the appliance, and you can use it as you need it, right?
If you don’t, you miss it for a week or two, and the gap comes back a little bit, you can
put it back in, and it’ll treat your problem.
So, many, many things can be done very easily for problems like that.
I’d say the number one cause of it is that most people, especially men, will grow a little
bit after they’ve had their braces.
And if your lower jaw grows a little bit more than your upper jaw, your lower teeth will
need to fit inside your upper teeth, and so sometimes they will tip back and bunch up
so that your bite is maintained normally.
The same problem will cause your upper teeth to space.
If your lower jaw grows more than your upper, when you bite down, it might push your upper
teeth open a little bit.
Orthodontics is really unique in that really the people who get orthodontic treatment are
the people who want it.
I mean, there are many people that have crooked teeth that don’t really care about it or don’t
want to get them straightened, so there really isn’t any must-have treatments.
Now, there are patients who come in that I really suggest to them that this would benefit
them tremendously to have their problems corrected, and on certain kids, there are things that
I really push for the parents to do.
But for the most part, people who need orthodontics are the people who want it.

Adult Touch Up Braces

At Frost Orthodontics, we believe there isn’t an age limit on when someone can or should have braces. In fact, there are currently over a million people, aged 18 and older, with braces that also don’t believe they are too old to have the smile they’ve always wanted!

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, the number of adults seeking orthodontic procedures is growing significantly. This means that some people who have been hiding their smiles their whole lives are now discovering a variety of orthodontic treatments that both address their issues and perfectly fit in with their lifestyle and needs.

It is a common misconception that if you seek orthodontic treatment, you’ll be locked into two to three years of having to wear Invisalign or braces. Adult touch up braces, in particular, are ideal if you have small gaps or other minor alignment issues that need to be addressed. These short-term braces are required for less than two years (depending on your case) and come in a variety of customizable and comfortable options:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Invisalign braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Lingual (Behind the Tooth) braces

So whether you have had braces before or not, a quick touch up may be all you need to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of! Contact Frost Orthodontics today to schedule an appointment!

Reasons to Touch Up Your Smile No Matter
What Age You Are

Adult Invisalign and Ceramic Braces are barely noticeable

Over the years, braces have evolved to more than just traditional metal. Now you can choose from lighter, more comfortable, and less noticeable options like ceramic and Invisalign. Adult Invisaligns are custom-fitted over the teeth without any metal or wires, which also means they are removable. You won’t have any food restrictions and will be able to brush and floss like normal. Ceramic braces, on the other hand, are also still popular because the brackets are much smaller than in the past and do not require bands.

Both options are ideal because they are less noticeable! Not only are the braces less noticeable to others, but because of their size and fit, they’re less noticeable to you and result in less irritation.

Having braces helps to keep your teeth healthier as you age

Teeth can shift out of place at any age. You may have once had naturally straight teeth or perhaps braces to make them straight, but as you age, your body goes through changes; this includes your tooth alignment. So when your mouth becomes too crowded, this creates a crossbite or misaligned teeth that become harder to clean. When food debris and plaque builds up, there is an increased chance of gum disease, especially as you get older. Having straight teeth will make flossing and brushing easier, improving your overall oral hygiene!

Untreated alignment issues can get worse and lead to other problems

If you leave your teeth uncorrected, it can affect more than just your self esteem. The mouth is the first step of the digestive process and having an improper bite can mean that you aren’t chewing your food properly. This can lead to gastrointestinal problems or uneven wear on teeth over time, making chewing more difficult. You may also suffer from jaw pain or pressure at points on your jaw that are caused by crooked teeth. We advise that you treat these issues with adult touch up braces before they become worse.

Straight teeth build confidence!

It used to be a fact of life that everyone will lose their teeth at some point. However, with new technologies and better treatments, people are keeping their teeth for much, much longer. Shouldn’t you then have the smile you’ve always wanted? Having straight teeth will give you a better quality of life and help build your confidence for years to come!

Contact us!

If you’re interested in adult touch up braces including: Invisalign, ceramic braces or metal braces – contact the friendly associates at Frost Orthodontics today.

Quit hiding! Dr. Andy Frost will help you achieve a smile that you can be proud of.




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