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Most Americans are concerned about their appearance, which includes their smile. For some, appearances are not only important—it can mean the difference in their paycheck. Those in sales and even some professionals know how far an impressive appearance will go for both their confidence and other people’s confidence in them.

Your face and your smile are often two of the first things others will see when meeting you, so that’s a great place to make the right first impression. And while people are attracted to a great smile, having one also does wonders for your confidence.

In fact, a recent study from the University of Manchester in Britain showed that subjects with poor or missing teeth had dramatically lower self-confidence. These subjects are conscious about their teeth and often avoid smiling, which affects their own mood as well as the impressions of others. Some studies have suggested that the act of smiling alone can improve one’s mood and that seeing others smile indicates that they are intelligent and trustworthy.

Professionals and businesspeople know this is the case, which is why many spend more time on their teeth. From good daily hygiene to investing in braces or Invisalign, working towards a great looking smile is good for their health and their careers.

If you think you don’t have the time for braces or even Invisalign, you will be surprised at how quickly and easily you can get fitted. Plus, Invisalign is invisible while you’re using it, so your smile will look progressively better during the treatment without having to see braces in the mirror.

For a free consultation for braces or Invisalign, call Dr. Andy Frost at (314) 567-1888. Dr. Frost has years of experience as an orthodontist in the Creve Coeur and St. Louis area, where he has exceeded the expectations of hundreds of patients.

Invisalign is in the news again, but this time it’s for a fairly odd reason: copyright laws. It turns out that a competitor of Invisalign sends its digital images electronically to and from Pakistan to be processed, which Invisalign says is a breach of its copyright.

Invisalign’s parent company, Align Technology, Inc., said that because the digital impressions are sent to technicians in Pakistan and back to Houston to be made, they count as imports even if they are sent electronically.

Google and the movie industry have clashed over this issue in the past and remain major players in the ongoing legal battle. Google maintains that digital property should be excluded from the same rules as physical media due to legal precedent. The movie industry and others argue the opposite, that digital media should be treated the same as physical media because the data being sent and received is essentially the same.

In this case, the judge involved in the case ruled in Invisalign’s favor and found that the transmissions were imports, meaning Invisalign’s competitor violated Invisalign’s patents. However, the arguments are ongoing. The questions involved are broad and wide-ranging, affecting entire industries and individuals at the same time, all with a medium that is very difficult to control or regulate. That means there probably won’t be a final decision on the issue for a long while.

Invisalign remains America’s top choice for straightening teeth without braces. Dr. Andy Frost in Creve Coeur, MO has years of experience treating patients with Invisalign. And by using new technology like our iTero scanner, getting Invisalign has never been faster or more comfortable.

Call us today for a free consultation or an appointment at (314) 567-1888, or contact us online. Whether you’re thinking about braces or Invisalign, we will be able to determine the best treatment for your unique smile.

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