Case Study: Alden (Braces)

August 19, 2019 by Frost Orthodontics

Here we have Alden who was brought in by her family for help correcting her misaligned teeth and overbite, which are common problems for children her age. They made the trip to Frost Orthodontics in Creve Coeur because they were confident that Dr. Frost and his team could straighten her teeth at a young age so she can live life with a smile she can be proud of!

Overbites like Alden’s are especially important to get corrected since they can lead to even more serious health and dental issues as one gets older. Problems like speech impediments, breathing issues, chewing deficiencies, sleep apnea, overall jaw pain, and alterations in the appearance of the face are complications that can likely develop when overbites are left untouched.

Here was Alden before starting Creve Coeur braces treatment…

Case Study: Alden (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics In St. Louis

And here is Alden after the treatment…

Case Study: Alden (Braces) | Frost Orthodontics In St. Louis

A year and a half made such a huge difference in the appearance of Alden’s smile. Just like many other patients that Dr. Frost and his team have helped, Alden’s treatment has greatly lowered her risk for future issues. Frost Orthodontics can make a difference for your child’s smile too!

If your child has an overbite, underbite, misalignment, or other dental issue, we recommend getting it corrected as soon as possible to protect their overall health. We provide high-quality results for patients all throughout the St. Louis area.

Contact our office to schedule a free orthopedic consultation where we will examine your child’s teeth and determine the correct, specialized treatment for them, as well as provide a time and cost estimate.

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