Invisalign Scanner

If your initial exam indicates that you would benefit from treatment, we will prepare diagnostic records – orthodontic x-rays, facial photographs and study models. These are used to help diagnose as well as document the health and position of the teeth prior to treatment.

If the patient is ready to start treatment, orthodontic separators will be placed and an appointment will be scheduled to place the orthodontic appliances.

3D Digital Imaging & Technology

In order to make Invisalign impressions faster, more comfortable, and more accurate, we have a new iTero scanner at the office.

The iTero scanner uses the latest digital scanning and 3D computer modeling technology to construct an accurate digital model of your teeth and your bite. The scanner passes quickly over and around your teeth with little-to-no discomfort and a digital model is produced chairside instantly.

The cutting-edge technology offered by this machine means that we no longer have to use messy and uncomfortable PVS impression material. This cuts the discomfort out of taking impressions and the computer model of your teeth will be more accurate than old impressions ever could be.

Improved accuracy means a drastically lowered chance of fit issues and the need to re-take impressions. One survey found that Invisalign cases using iTero equipment had seven times fewer fit issues and ten times fewer rejections. Plus, using iTero means faster appointments and less time between taking an impression and receiving new Invisalign treatments.

Using a computer model has many advantages over a traditional PVS impression. 3D computer models are constructed instantly, their digital format can be saved and transferred very easily, and they are extremely detailed. The iTero software can even be used to project the results of your Invisalign treatment.

One of the best advantages of the iTero scanner is patient comfort and convenience. Impressions are now faster and easier than ever, with no mess or discomfort.

Invisalign just got even more convenient with our new iTero scanner. To schedule an appointment for Invisalign or other orthodontic treatment, contact Dr. Andy Frost today!




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Protecting our Patients – Covid-19

Our Preventative Practices:

We sanitize all equipment and patient contact surfaces after every use and again at the end of the day.

Our team members wash their hands after contact with each patient and throughout the course of the day.

To our Patients:

If you have recently traveled outside of the US, or have had close contact with someone who has, please call our office to reschedule your visit.

If you have a fever, cough or other symptoms of acute respiratory distress, please call us to reschedule your visit.

We expect this to be an ongoing situation in our area for an extended period of time and do not want our patients to neglect their needs during this time.

Please call us with any questions or concerns and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.