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Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most widely used type of dental braces. They are very strong and can withstand most types of treatment. Unlike those of the past, today’s metal braces are small, more comfortable and more attractive. Kids can even choose the colors of their elastics and rubber bands, while adults can opt for more discreet or clear colors.

What are the advantages of metal braces?

Since they can correct almost any problem requiring orthodontic treatment, metal braces are the most commonly used type of braces. They are also the most cost-efficient and are sometimes the fastest method of treatment.

How are metal braces put on?

After your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, Dr. Frost will apply a special adhesive to your teeth that will hold the brackets. After the brackets are in place, the archwire is installed and held in place with tiny elastic bands.

Does it hurt?

There is going to be some inevitable discomfort for a little while. Over-the-counter painkillers and wax can help with pain and mouth sores until your mouth adjusts, which usually takes about a month. After a little while, most patients don’t notice the braces at all anymore.

How much does it cost?

The cost of braces can depend on many factors including the length of time the braces will need to remain on and which type of treatment is being used.

Does insurance cover braces?

In some cases, dental insurance will cover some or all of the cost of orthodontic treatment. The amount of coverage varies from plan to plan and from patient to patient, so please ask our staff for more information.

Can I get braces as an adult?

Of course! Patients of all ages can be candidates for braces. Adults’ teeth are no more difficult to correct than children’s. In fact, as an adult you may find your schedule and budget to be more flexible, making your treatment easier than it would have been if you were still a kid.

Clear Braces

Ceramic braces or clear braces are made of composite material. They are more often chosen by adult patients because they “blend in” with your teeth. Common drawbacks with the clear braces have to do with the ligatures (tiny rubber bands) that hold the arch wire to the brackets. These tend to stain between visits to your orthodontist.

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