Dr. Frost on 18 Strong Podcast: Master Your Course Like a Champion

August 2, 2018 by Frost Orthodontics

Recently, Dr. Frost was featured on the 18 Strong Podcast. As the 11-time Club Champion at St.Louis’ prestigious Bellerive Country Club, soon to host the 100th PGA Championship in just a couple weeks, Dr. Frost walks listeners through some very practical advice when it comes to playing your best golf. Below are some highlights from the episode.

Highlights from this Episode

  • Dr. Frost starts it off by talking about what it takes to top-level amateur golfer while juggling the responsibilities that come with running your business and raising a family. He hits on everything from his junior career, falling in and out of playing and competing, to accomplishments along the way.
  • He talks on what the majority of golfers that want to win their first club championship don’t see or realize they have to get into that position.
  • Dr. Frost discusses familiarizing yourself with the course, being ready for the mental challenge, and getting comfortable on the green.
  • There’s discussion on books and sources that give Dr. Frost the biggest inspiration and mental boost; such as the difference between “Ego” golfers and “Master” golfers and playing to play great rather than playing to not play bad.
  • Additionally, there is talk about the 100th PGA championship coming to Bellerive in a couple of weeks, the history of the club and why the PGA picked this course.
  • Dr. Frost hits on the characteristics of the course and what we are going to see, and should look out for, when the players start out there.

Listen to the entire episode below & read more here!



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